Gos Blank dead aged 40ish

Moderator of questioningaids.com died of AIDS.  What else would you expect?

Donations for his autopsy…STOP CHECK …autopsy it is –> http://www.gofundme.com/4rz46w

Usually the denialists hire a vet to conduct these. The results are then debated over endlessly for the next 42 years.


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  1. Nice to see you again, Johnny.

    For the record, Gos’ autopsy was done by Autopsy and Pathology Services, PA, of Kingwood, TX, and yes, they are veteran pathologists. What’s wrong with that? You can find the results on line, if you’re really clever, but why would you want to know the facts?

    No mention of “HIV” or “AIDS” in either the autopsy report or the death certificate. Do you plan to allow an autopsy to be published online when YOU die?

    BTW, I see your blog ranks almost as highly as the old dissidents4dumbees site.

  2. Oh yes like Maggiore. The fact is he was HIV positive, refusing treatment and died well before his time. Clearly not a good role model for other positive people to follow if they want to lead a relatively normal life. But each to his or her own!

  3. Oh dear.

  4. Jonny, please contact me…it is important.
    J. Todd DeShong
    Leave a comment at my blog and please do not publish this comment so that I know it is you contacting me. Thank you, Todd

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