Another dead denialist

Maria Papagiannidou died last Sunday. Another very public and active denialist has kicked the bucket; sad but predictable. Her face and “story” is all over the internet.

She appeared on TV espousing the lie of living a “healthy” life with HIV/AIDS, while her immune system CD4 cells were being invaded and killed off.

She wrote a book, “Goodbye AIDS! Did it ever exist?”. (Yes it does, and it killed you.)

I know she contacted some people I know about starting HAART but she left it a bit late. She and her husband did everything within their considerable powers to rubbish HIV science, question the medicine and scare people away from treatment: for that she’s now paid the ultimate price.

I hope that people who read this will draw one lesson: AIDS DENIAL KILLS.

Don’t be taken in by the smiling faces and sob stories of people who claim to live a perfectly healthy life free of (HIV) drugs: if you are HIV positive you can’t and will die.

Rethinking AIDS will have to do yet another edit to remove this deceased rethinker: she thought her last thought on Sunday. So farewell Maria. Peace be with you.

UPDATE – New post from Denying AIDS blog on the Maria P New post from Denying AIDS blog

UPDATE(2) – This is her denialist website. I guess its needs updating to reflect the the fact she’s gone to a better place.

14 Responses

  1. She poisoned herself with toxic drugs for like 12 years, no wonder her body got weak. The fact that she endured for so long just says that she was a strong woman. Take people like Dr. Manuel Garrido, he is HIV + since 1987, never took any drugs, and is healthy until now. Maria’s case only proves the whole scam this hiv-aids story is.

  2. because being “HIV Positive: is a self fulfilling prophecy, by the U.S. Center for DIsease Control, they own all of the phony definitions and they have HIV denialists such as yourself suckered by this phony medical CONstruct. If Maria had removed her stomach or had both her hips replaced due to the highly toxic death pills referred to as Antiretroviral drugs you would never write a single word about it.

    Accept it! you’re a nasty ravenous vulture and when you die, Karma will bite you in your ass hopefully someone can bash you as an Antiretroviral Denialist and a god-damned freak in serious denial.

  3. What amazes me is how these supposedly highly educated people consistently can’t spell. The word is “empirical” and the meaning is “Of a physician: That bases his methods of practice on the results of observation and experiment, not on scientific theory”. Are you sure that’s what you wanted?

  4. I cant believe how the denialist’ come out of the woodwork to stick up for and LIE about how these people died, Maria Papagiannidou died of liver failure MY ASS, She died from the exact thing she told people didn’t exist, the chickens came to roost, When will you blind assclowns finally see it, all your denialist friends are dying, one by one, and yet you still make shit up, just like when Maggiore died, and her poor baby girl, those were quite shameful to see all the fruit cakes making up shit on their deaths also. Oh well, they all will realise one day maybe, after many more die im afraid

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