Oh dear – another film

Dame Joan Shenton’s latest effort in mass deception is premiered in London tomorrow evening:

Positively False

Inspite of the glossy poster and the impressive sounding sub-domain, this is a rehash of old interviews with the usual suspects and some new footage. I guess a few wierdos and conspiracy theorists will be taken in by the fragrant Dame Joan. More worryingly some HIV sufferers may be persuaded to stop treatment. Shenton should be prosecuted and exposed as a liar. What a sick and malicious woman, cynically showing the film in one of the most deprived parts of the capital where the rates of HIV infection are particular accute.

On another matter I see that the “Living Without HIV Drugs” website still has testimonies of dead people claiming to be alive. Its remarkable that the people behind this website haven’t got round to editing it. Perhaps they are dead too ?

Brian Carter’s CD4 count is 4.

4 Responses

  1. I would suggest that people here were not taken these antiviral drugs under the common belief that by abstaining from sexual conduct that they will not have anything to fear. It is my belief that this condition known as HIV-AIDS is not a virus or can these transmitted sexual. The reason why these people T-cell counts are so low is because they are still indulging in illicit drugs such as cocaine and poppers. In order for them to have a chance of survival they must stop all use of illegal drugs. First of all they don’t know what’s in these drugs. These drugs are processed in less than sterile conditions, and many of them are using ingredients that are detrimental to their health. Solvents such as gasoline, diesel fuel, and acetone is what they’re ingesting in their bodies in very small amounts. These solvents cannot but have a devastating effect on their condition. By saying that a sexually transmitted, they feel that protect themselves with condoms and other things or by abstaining from sex and they can still get high. As I said they don’t know what’s in these drugs and they should stop using them immediately. Only then will they have a chance at survival.


  2. How interesting about Carter. I did not know he even subjected himself to a fake, phony, crap test such as a CD4 count. Why would he subject himself to such a useless test? I wonder if he will be taken by surprise like Maggiore and Stokely when he kicks it?

  3. Rick, please surrender yourself to the nearest insane asylum.

  4. @truthy – if you ever have read the British satirical magazine “Private Eye” this my comment about the late Brian Carter’s CD4 count would perhaps bring a smile to your face!

    Have a look here:


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