Gos Blank dead aged 40ish

Moderator of questioningaids.com died of AIDS.  What else would you expect?

Donations for his autopsy…STOP CHECK …autopsy it is –> http://www.gofundme.com/4rz46w

Usually the denialists hire a vet to conduct these. The results are then debated over endlessly for the next 42 years.


Brilliant chemist improves on mother nature

Uplifting news on the search for a cure …


Not very new news but incase you missed it …

Leading AIDS denialist Jonathan Barnett has started taking ARVs (HIV medication) because his CD4 count  is in free fall.

You can read all about it here:


Amongst the overwhelming majority of batty replies to this shocking revelation, David Crowe, the leader the the sinister Rethinking AIDS organisation, replies

It is insane to take your CD4 counts seriously and poison yourself with ARVs. I don’t know where your head is at but nothing you say above provides justification for what you are doing.

Oh really Mr Crowe (White, straight?, evil and HIV negative) … what the fuck would he know anyway?

For extra amusement, Brian Carter returns from the dead to contribute some mind-numbingly inane comments.

Another victim comes out at RethinkingAIDS

More bad news from https://www.facebook.com/groups/RethinkingAIDS/

A young guy has just posted:

I have stopped meds. Like almost a month ago. Just havent been able to post it here. And I feel great. Cleaned my liver. Detoxicating myself. N eating more healthy than ever. N I have a very supportive bf. :)

29 comments follow applauding his crazy decision let his health fall of a cliff.

One particularly deranged member’s comments caught my eye:

“… based on the information we have all shared on here most of us have CD4 count less than 200 but are as healthy as can be. Remember how this industry is one sided, if such research is to be done I dont’ think it will ever be shared…. A CD4 count can’t be done on an individual unless there is an HIV diagnosis.”

Where do I start? WBC test can’t be done unless someone has HIV? CD4 count of under 200 is healthy!!

Crowe and gang will be delirious with happiness, as they have another poster boy to whose face they can plaster all about the internet.

Dead people living well ?

Living well – really?

Here’s the list from the Living Proof website.

Names crossed out denotes a death from AIDS or related complications.

Maria Papagiannidou
John Hankins
Karri Stokely
Onnie Mary Moyo Phuthe
Tomás Brewster
Lindsey Nagel

Two are sadly passed away. I know of two others who are prominent on youtube and the rethinkingaids facebook page. I

And from Living With0ut HIV Drugs at least 3 are now dead, and several who are active on the questioningaids.com forum and very low CD4 counts and piss-poor quality of life.  I am a loss to understand why they think CD4 counts of 200 or less are healthy, or that staying off meds is going to help them. Some of the denialists sheepishly admit to going back onto meds when their quality of live becomes unbearable. Why?! If you don’t believe the science why take the meds? If you think they do more harm than good why start meds again?

Its very, very depressing to have to list these name and think about so many people who have died way before their time. If only they’d listened to reason.

I suspect more people listed on this site have passed away but can’t be sure.

Daz M.
Denis C.
Dennis L.
Emery T.
Frank A.
Greg W.
Jeff K.
Jonathan B.
Karri S.
Kay R.
Kevin C.
Kim B.
Mark C.
Mark H.
Mitchelle M.
Noreen M.
Norman S.
Paula M.
Ron M.
Scott D.
Star Z.
Stephen J.
Terry R.
Tim B.
Tomas B.
Tommy M.
Marcus P.

Another dead denialist

Maria Papagiannidou died last Sunday. Another very public and active denialist has kicked the bucket; sad but predictable. Her face and “story” is all over the internet.

She appeared on TV espousing the lie of living a “healthy” life with HIV/AIDS, while her immune system CD4 cells were being invaded and killed off.

She wrote a book, “Goodbye AIDS! Did it ever exist?”. (Yes it does, and it killed you.)

I know she contacted some people I know about starting HAART but she left it a bit late. She and her husband did everything within their considerable powers to rubbish HIV science, question the medicine and scare people away from treatment: for that she’s now paid the ultimate price.

I hope that people who read this will draw one lesson: AIDS DENIAL KILLS.

Don’t be taken in by the smiling faces and sob stories of people who claim to live a perfectly healthy life free of (HIV) drugs: if you are HIV positive you can’t and will die.

Rethinking AIDS will have to do yet another edit to remove this deceased rethinker: she thought her last thought on Sunday. So farewell Maria. Peace be with you.

UPDATE – New post from Denying AIDS blog on the Maria P New post from Denying AIDS blog

UPDATE(2) – This is her denialist website. I guess its needs updating to reflect the the fact she’s gone to a better place.

Oh dear – another film

Dame Joan Shenton’s latest effort in mass deception is premiered in London tomorrow evening:

Positively False

Inspite of the glossy poster and the impressive sounding sub-domain, this is a rehash of old interviews with the usual suspects and some new footage. I guess a few wierdos and conspiracy theorists will be taken in by the fragrant Dame Joan. More worryingly some HIV sufferers may be persuaded to stop treatment. Shenton should be prosecuted and exposed as a liar. What a sick and malicious woman, cynically showing the film in one of the most deprived parts of the capital where the rates of HIV infection are particular accute.

On another matter I see that the “Living Without HIV Drugs” website still has testimonies of dead people claiming to be alive. Its remarkable that the people behind this website haven’t got round to editing it. Perhaps they are dead too ?

Brian Carter’s CD4 count is 4.


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